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After a long time thinking about how to present my work to a broader public I decided to sit down and design a lean website where I put all the things which (I think) are worth to be shown.

This site was written from scratch and as I don't have the possibilities to check each possible combination of browsers and operating systems, it may contain some visible glitches. The scripts these site depend on were written to work well with up-to-date browsers which follow the DOM standards. (see about this site for details on tested browsers)


so ... I hope you enjoy this site ... dave

(30-Oktober-2006) added "Der Denker"

Again a quit simplictic render, which serves quite well as desktop background. The scene was inspired by a figurine made by Rodin (Le Penseur).

(17-July-2006) finished my first tutorial

The creation of this tutorial, covering a technique to render an asteroid, was inspired by a thread in the PoVRay news forum, taking some of the ideas presented there together with my own ideas, I wrote an step by step tutorial starting with the basic shape, a way to add more and more details and texturing of an asteroid.

As I always was interested in graphics as well as in computers it was straight forward to combine these hobbies. And as I can't effort those powerfull but unbelievable expensive graphic and render suites, it was a small step to Linux and OpenSource in general. The most things you will find on this site where done with programs like GIMP, PoVRay, Wings3d or Blender (see link section).

Not only that these programs are nearly as powerful and feature-rich as their commercial counterparts, they often are expandable by means of (sometimes selfwritten) plugins or scripts.

What you will find on this site are some of the results of this hobby. This includes renders, sketches, models as well as scripts and other resources which I think are good enough to share with the public.

D. El Tom (2006)