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On this site you will find some of graphical 3D experiments. More or less all of this experiments are work in progress and I'm working from time to time on them in order to improve them. Allthough the most of them are never considered finished, some of my experiments went far enough to be shown (so I think).

Trying to spread objects evenly over an arbritrary surface is always one of the THINGS TO DO for someone working with CG. This one is one (of probably thousands approaches out there), which uses a self-written PERL script to read a mesh in Wavefront-OBJ format and writes an file which can be included into POVRay. This script takes a parameter called "density" into account, which places points on top of the mesh faces according to their area.

my niece's Teddy

The first thing came into my mind to model something hairy, probably because I had to look for it so often. Nevertheless it turned out to render quite well. The quick-shot PERL-script can be downloaded via following link: Place_on_Mesh. Use it at own your purpose and please inform me if your using it or have ideas to improve it.

Sitting in our garden, drinking coffee on a nice late summer morning, I'm got aware of a enormous spider (araneus diamantus) right next to me, spinning her cobweb. Totally fascinated I grabbed my pocket camera and luckely got some quite good photos of her. These I later used, together with some references from the net concerning a spiders anatomy, as starting point to create my own (virtual) spider.

look at that beauty

Approximately 5cm in diameter. Species "Araneus Diamantus".

The basic geometry was created with Wings3D and later exported to Blender in order to do the texturing as well as the skinning.

WIP texture test ...

UV-unwrapping was a pain in the a..., but it was worth it. First texture test looks promising, but still need a lot of work. Sense hairs are also more visible as in the references.

finally it can move ...

After some frustrating attempts to get a convincing bone setup, I finally came with something up which proved to be at least useable.

Started as an experiment to achieve convincing caustics, this project slowly took an odd direction. The glasses where modelled using Wings3D taking some tumblers I own as reference. The toothpaste tube and the toothbrush are also Wings3D modelles, while the bristles where added using my Place_on_Mesh script.

But the first test renders revealed, that there seems something to miss on the left hand part of the image. While still puzzling what to do I allready had modelled a tooth. The twine was added using Blender extruding a cross section along a twisting path.

can you feel the pain ...

I'm still not really satisfied with this render, but as the render took so long due to the interreflections and -refrections and I'm lacking in ideas I don't have the urge to continue this project in the near future.

Following a thread in the PoVRay-Forum and having a little spare time one evening i tried myself to create an asteroid based on an isosurface (a mathematical description of the surface topology). The main goal was to achieve this look of a huge rock floating in space, scared by the impact of smaller asteroids over millions of years.

the space potato ...

Starting from a slightly turbulated spherical base form, I added several layers of details as there are craters of different sizes and the overall roughness of the surface. The blue light on the lower part could imply scattered light from the earth. So to improve the dramatic composition I'll try to render the earth as part of the lower background (if I'll find the time to do so).

Stumbling over a image of the sculpture "the thinker" (Le Penseur) by Rodin I carried this idea of a lost, isolated soul puzzeld by the sense of life in my mind and tried to interpret it.

Der Denker

I wanted a as minimalistic setup as possible. So I decided to dig out a model of wooden mannequin I did several years ago, imported it into Blender, refined it and made it posable and placed it on a glass cube. To underline the feeling of isolation I have choosen a night scene, iluminated by a single light source representing the ultimative thought.

Mannequin closup

This is a closup of the mannequin, showing its nice wooden texture and the reflecting flakes on the black marble coating.

D. El Tom (2006)